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Academic Support Program

Meeting The Educational Needs Of All Children In The Community

The Academic Support Program under the CDP is developed to provide academic support to pupils with learning disabilities and other specific educational needs. The Remedial program is conducted by special educational needs expert and other trained and experienced teaching staff.

Program caters to the Specific Educational Needs (SEN)

Programme Caters To The Specific Educational Needs (SEN) Of Following Pupils:

  • » Borderline IQ (identified as slow learner within schools) (severe case)
  • » Delayed milestones effecting learning outcomes (severe case)
  • » Physical health issues effecting academic
    performance (including neurological/developmental disorders) (severe case)
  • » Difficulties in particular subjects (e.g. Urdu, Math’s) but performs
    well in others (mild/moderate)
  • » Unable to perform written assignments but can respond verbally (mild/moderate)
  • » Unable to read based on age/class level (mild/moderate)
  • » Concentration and attention problems effecting
    learning (sever/mild/moderate)
  • » Serious emotional/behavioral problems effecting academic
    learning (sever/mild/moderate)

Types Of Teaching Environment

► Individual Teaching (one-on-one support)

► Specific Individual Lessons

► Small Group Teaching

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