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Child Development Program

About Child Development Programme

The Hussaini Foundation is a registered NGO with the Government of Pakistan. The Child Development Project (CDP) under the Foundation is primarily involved in conducting certified training programmes for parents, teachers and youths in collaboration with Professor Panos Vostanis (Child Psychiatrist)  University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

About Us

Child Development Project (CDP) was launched in 2009 as a pilot project in Kashmir. The first teacher training under CDP took place in the summer of 2009 at The Future School, Azad Kashmir. During the training the need to focus on Emotional problems faced by children came up and that encouraged the team to focus future sessions targeting learning, emotional and behavioural issues in children.

What We Do ?

» We can visit schools to talk about how children and young people can stay emotionally healthy and raise awareness of their mental health development. We can provide staff with information and talk to students directly.
» We can run training courses or awareness workshops to help school staff and young people gain an insight into mental health issues.

Why It’s Important To Raise Awareness ?

» Our work in schools and other community organisations helps reduce stigma, and improve the long-term life chances of individual children
» It helps children and families to have the confidence to ask for help earlier.
» It also helps adults and parents spot signs a child or young person is in distress much earlier. This will prevent them spiraling into a situation that becomes increasingly difficult to recover from.
» 17% of children and young people in Pakistan suffer from behavioral or emotional disorders that require some form of professional intervention. By raising awareness of mental health with young people and adults who are involved in their lives, you can help stop the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Our Future Plans

In the future, the CDP team plans to continue the parent, teacher sessions along with special sessions for teenagers and fathers.
The CDP trainings aim to create awareness regarding early identification and management of common emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties amongst children.
The Academic Support Programme under the CDP is developed to provide academic support to pupils with learning disabilities and other specific educational needs. The Remedial programme is conducted by special educational needs expert and other trained and experienced teaching staff.

Our Achievements