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6 Years Old Girl Erum

Erum is a six year old girl who is terrified of water, and won’t even go near it. This includes swimming pools, lakes, and the beach. Going out fishing on the lake in the family speedboat, something the whole family used to enjoy, is now impossible with Erum. When Erum was 4 years old, the family attended a pool party. During the party, Erum wandered over towards the pool to grab a toy and was accidentally pushed in by another child. Immediately, adults rushed over and scooped her out of the pool, but for about 30 minutes afterwards she was crying and shaking. Shortly after this incident, Erum started fearing water. When her parents try to reassure her and promise her rewards for going near a swimming pool, she screams, cries, and digs her nails into her mom or dad’s leg. Erum’s parents have just about given up trying to get her to go near water. They worry that she won’t have a chance to have fun with other kids, if this continues, and they would really like to go out on the lake or to the beach as a family again.