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8 Years Old Girl Bushra

Bushra is really afraid of getting needle injections. When she was eight years old, she passed out at the doctor’s office during a blood test. Since then, she avoids watching or thinking about anything that has to do with blood, needles, or medical procedures. She says they make her feel like her “heart is racing” and she “can’t breathe or think”, and she will either “freak out” or “faint again”. Before a doctor’s visit, She repeatedly asks for reassurance and promises from her mom that she will not need to get a shot. During her last check-up, the doctor tried to bring up the topic of getting a TB test, which would involve a little shot in the arm. When the doctor said this, Bushra got very upset and started to breathe heavily and shake. She also began crying and telling her mom repeatedly that she wanted to go home. Bushra’s mom was very surprised by her reaction, and thinks she may have had a panic attack. She is worried that she will never want to go to the doctor again.