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About 3rd Grade Boy

Imran was the middle child in a family of three boys being raised by a young single mother. When he attended preschool, he seemed to enjoy playing by himself more than with others. At home, this was also true in relation to his brothers or neighbors. In fact, he was able to occupy himself quietly and happily for hours on end. However, everything about first grade was a disaster. Imran hated his teacher and tended to ignore her, sometimes even threatening her when she asked him to do something he did not feel like doing. His attitude was that school was “stupid.” Imran become the class bully early on and often got into fights. As a result, he was frequently sent out of the classroom, but this did not seem to significantly affect his behavior. By the end of the year, Imran was reading at the third- grade level, but his math had not advanced beyond kindergarten skills