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Case Study About Shama

Shama was a noticeably tall, heavy-set girl in her second-grade classroom. She barely had the reading skills of a kindergartner, but because of her size, she was promoted to the second grade. For most of the day, Shama sat in the back of the room, staring into space and twirling her hair. She was never disruptive, but also never participated in class activities and did not have any friends. The teacher tried to give her individual attention, but because she had 30 other students, she was usually unable to do much. When an assistant teacher came to her room, the teacher asked her to work individually with Shama. The assistant teacher frequently praised Shama for her efforts, and was genuinely pleased when Shama was able to identify a sight word. She always made efforts to state that she felt Shama was a smart girl and was able to learn to read. Shama began to look forward to her times with the teacher, and became increasingly eager to read the few sight words she knew. Shama also began to take out her preprimary books during reading period and read to herself. One day, Shama’s mother come to the class and reported that Shama had asked her to buy books to read at home, and that they had been sitting down after dinner each night to read. She had come to class to report that Shama read her first book. Encouraged by this news, the teacher announced to the class that Shama had made great progress, to which the class responded by spontaneously giving her thunderous applause.