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12 Years Old Girl Uzma

Uzma has been troubled by low mood since the age of 12. She has no appetite for food, is feeling listless and confused, lost a lot of weight and is isolating herself from others. Uzma’s mother, recounts her daughter’s experience, ” It all started after Uzma’s father passed away. At first , nothing seemed wrong.

14 Years Old Boy Nadir

Nadir is a fourteen-year-old boy who has missed forty-three days of school since beginning the eighth grade four months ago. When home from school, Nadir spends most of the day online or playing video games. On the days he does attend school he is typically late for his first period which enables him to avoid

11 Years Old Girl Insiya

Insiya is intelligent 11 year old gril, but she is failing her first period class in science because she is either late to class or absent. She gets up at five o’clock, hoping to get to school on time. The next three hours are spent taking a long shower followed by changing clothes repeatedly until

9 Years Old Boy Dawood

Dawood is a nine-year-old boy. Dawood takes a bath every morning and every evening. He washes his hands after bathing, before and after eating, and after cleaning anything. He cleans his room after bathing. He also cleans his younger sister and tries to prevent her from touching his things. If she does touch them, he

Case About A 5th Grade Boy

Jaffar, a fifth grader, was consistently turning in “sloppy and careless” work. Although his reading was above grade level, the quality of his written work was well below that expected of children his age. He lost points on math tests because he misread the numbers he had written on his worksheet. This wasn’t surprising, because

Case About 4th Grade Girl

Maria had been plagued with social and academic difficulties ever since nursery school. At that time, her teachers voiced concern about her comprehension of spoken language. When asked a question or told to do something, her response was often “What?” or an inappropriate action. In first grade, she had unusual difficulty learning her classmates’ names.