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9 Years Old Boy Sahil

Sahil is a nine year old boy who describes himself as “scared to death of flying,” a fear that has gotten worse over the last few years. When he is on a plane, he feels trapped, and panicky. His heart races and his throat feels tight. He also sweats excessively. The worst part for Sahil

8 Years Old Girl Bushra

Bushra is really afraid of getting needle injections. When she was eight years old, she passed out at the doctor’s office during a blood test. Since then, she avoids watching or thinking about anything that has to do with blood, needles, or medical procedures. She says they make her feel like her “heart is racing”

6 Years Old Girl Erum

Erum is a six year old girl who is terrified of water, and won’t even go near it. This includes swimming pools, lakes, and the beach. Going out fishing on the lake in the family speedboat, something the whole family used to enjoy, is now impossible with Erum. When Erum was 4 years old, the

8 Years Old Girl Razia

Razia, an eight-year-old girl, has always had difficulty attending school. Since she began third grade two months ago, her problems have significantly worsened. She constantly begs to stay home from school, having tantrums that cause delay in dressing and often result in her missing the bus. After arriving at school, Razia frequently complains of stomachaches,