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Short Courses for Parents

Short Course in Child Psychology for Parents

We offer 30 credit hours short course in Child Psychology for parents with collaboration from University of Leicester (UK)
Course Facilitator Sajida Hassan, PhD (Clinical Child Psychologist)

Recognition & Accredation

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’ in Child Psychology course. The Certificate is issued in collaboration with Professor Panos Vosatani, Child Psychiatrist, Department of Psychology, and University of Leicester (UK). Special Features

  • » A special 10 module course designed only for parents.
  • » Offering practical activities and case discussions.
  • » Online Skype session and class with experts.
  • » Course fee inclusive of- training pack, handbook and CD.
  • » Certificate will be issued on successful completion of individual and group assessment.

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Teacher Testimonials

  • » I am so glad I did this training. I feel a lot more confident as a parent and my son knows what to expect. Consistency is the key for me. Thank you.
  • » I want to thank you for giving me other ways to deal with problem behaviour instead of yelling and getting no-where. I am definitely feeling more confident.
  • » The best part was meeting with other people, discussing your problems and finding out about little things you can do – star charts, praise and spending quality time, and I don’t want to leave the group
  • » Gave me a lot more confidence as a parent. Good strategies for managing bad behaviour that work. Good ideas for parenting eg importance of positive actions (praise) and that they really make a big difference. It would be great if this programme was made more known to parents. It would have been of great benefit to use before my son reached the terrible 2s. We probably wouldn’t have fallen into some of the traps (eg giving in, smacking, etc) that we initially did before seeking help. I’m sure we will have better parenting skills with our daughter than we initially did as first time parents. Great Programme – thanks, you saved us!!

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