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Short Courses for Teachers

About Short Courses

We offer 30 credit hours short course in Child Psychology and Management of Learning difficulties for teacher with collaboration from University of Leicester (UK)

Recognition & Accredation

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’ in Child Psychology course. The Certificate is issued in collaboration with Professor Panos Vosatani, Child Psychiatrist, Department of Psychology, and University of Leicester (UK). Special Features

  • » A special 10 module course designed only for teachers.
  • » Offering practical activities and case discussions.
  • » Online Skype session and class with experts.
  • » Course fee inclusive of- training pack, handbook and CD.
  • » Certificate will be issued on successful completion of individual and group assessment.

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Teacher Testimonials

  • » Thank you very much for your kind service. I want you to know that everyone that I talked in your organization was so nice and helpful. I certainly appreciate the well organized sessions and group discussions. It took a lot of worry off my mind. In the future I will not hesitate to spread the word about your organization and the nice team you have. You have my word on that! Again, thank you for taking the time to conduct such programmes. It was my pleasure.
  • » My experience was a great one and I am sure all of who attend the trainings feel the same way, therefore, keep up the great work.
  • » Learnt a lot and we got to know how to control and manage children effectively, this information will benefit the school and improve the overall environment positively.
  • » The greatest lesson was SELF EVALUATION of our teaching methods. Teachers are always learners and change should began with professional themselves.
  • » Great job looking out for our future generations. God Bless your organization and the young men and women you help.

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