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Ms Sana E Zehra Haidry

Project Manager & Remedial Teacher
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Sana-e-Zehra Haidry holds three Masters’ degrees from various reputable International Universities in Psychology, Public Health and Clinical Linguistics, with special focus on Dyslexia. She did her first master from the University of Karachi in Psychology where she secured first class second position in her department and third position in the faculty. Her second master was in Public Health with specialization in International Mental Health from the University of Melbourne on Australian Development Scholarship (ADS-AUSAID). She completed that with first class honours (H1) with a research protocol on ‘how to identify the needs of mental health professionals in Pakistan in order for them to contribute effectively to mental health reforms’. She was then admitted to the European Master in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL), part of the Erasmus Mundus Excellence Program. She received training in Potsdam (DE) and Groningen (NL). In 2013 she acquired her MSc degree with overall classification excellent based on her thesis ‘developing a screening checklist for children of ages 5-11 years in Karachi Pakistan’. Later in 2013 she was admitted to the joint Erasmus Mundus PhD Program International Doctorate for Experimental Approaches to Language And Brain (IDEALAB) of the Universities of Groningen (NL), Newcastle (UK), Potsdam (DE) Trento (IT), and Macquarie University (AU). She carried out her research in the University of Groningen, University of Newcastle and Macquarie University on ‘assessment of dyslexia in the Urdu Language’. She also has a vast experience in conducting trainings for teachers and parents covering Urdu and English languages, particularly focusing on reading and spelling issues. She has worked as a research consultant, as head of a training unit and as a coordinator for Learning Differences Project. Sana also has to her credit research publication and presentations on Emotional and Behavioural Problems, and developing assessment tests for dyslexia.

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