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Workshops For Parents

Training Intervention with Parents

Course Facilitator: Sajida Hasan, PhD (Clinical Child Psychologist)

We all know kids don’t come with an instruction manual so chances are, if you’re a parent or carer, you would like help with specific problems, like tantrums or sleeping, bullying or teenage withdrawal. Or perhaps you don’t have a specific problem but just want some easy to understand information and tips on parenting in general and what to expect at your child’s stage of development.

The parent training intervention offered by the Child Development Project is a series of 12 workshop sessions focused on strengthening parenting competencies (monitoring, positive discipline, confidence) and fostering parents’ involvement in children’s school and home experiences in order to promote children’s academic, social and emotional competencies and reduce behavior problems.


  • » Introduction to training programme & facilitators.
  • » Discussion on mental health and social taboos.
  • » Group discussions on common childhood problems.


Stages of healthy child development

  • » Physical
  • » Social
  • » Emotional
  • » Intellectual
  • » moral

Factors effecting child mental health

  • » Risk and resilience factors for common mental health problems
  • » Cause of mental health difficulties in children
  • » Role of school, family, media & society.

Rates and types of child mental health disorders

» When does a problem become a disorders
» Child mental health disorders in Pakistan

  • » Anxiety (emotional disorders).
  • » Mood disorders.
  • » Behavior disorders.

Behavior management

Home management of common behavioural problems

  • » Setting rules and consequences
  • » Praise and rewards
  • » Ignoring misbehavior
  • » Handling inappropriate behavior

Managing inappropriate behavior

Specific behavior management strategies for disruptive child

  • » Catch me being good
  • » Star charts
  • » Behavior contracts
  • » Token economy
  • » Time-out

Anger management

Anger management for children and adults

  • » How to recognize anger
  • » Stop anger: trucker turtle 1-2-3 stop technique
  • » Effective ways to release anger

Effect of media on Child development

  • » Effects of media on children’s behavior

Developing Reading skills

  • » Developing reading habits


  • » Story-telling techniques

Creative activities

  • » Low-cost art and craft activities for children at home


  • » Group feedback
  • » Review of training

Who conducts the Parent training sessions?

The programme is offered in community settings by a whole range of different professionals.

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