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Youth Volunteer Service

Volunteer Work

Volunteering may be one of the most valuable experiences of your life. It’s a double win: your community or cause benefits from your work and you benefit from your experiences.

Learning For Life

Open to all young people aged 16 to 20, Youth Volunteer Service (YVS) offered by Child Development Programme (CDP) under Hussaini Foundation is a true ‘learning service’. Beyond benefiting the local communities, by participating in voluntary activities, young volunteers can develop new skills and, therefore, improve their personal, educational and professional development.

The Youth Volunteer Service (YVS) offers voluntary placements in three major areas.

» Health   » Teaching   » Special Education

Youth Volunteer Service Under Husaini Foundation

Youth's Volunteer Service Program (YVS)

Things A Volunteer Can Do

  • » Read/teach children.
  • » Raise money for charity (fight diseases, reduce poverty, help the sick and injured, etc.).
  • » Care for special children.
  • » Provide counseling and support.
  • » Run errands and do deliveries.
  • » Gather and analyze data.
  • » Raise awareness of important health issues.
  • » Do clean-up and repairs in the community.
  • » Stage plays and other cultural events.

Top Reasons To Join Youth Volunteer Service

Top Reasons To Join Youth Volunteer Service

I  To learn something about yourself

Maybe you’re like a pied-piper in disguise! Kids may ADORE you, but maybe you’ll only find that out after you spend an afternoon every week mentoring a youngster.

III  Because you’re passionate about a cause

You enjoy the company of children or elderly, so naturally you want to work with them. Volunteer and be involved in something you really care about !

V  It’s time to get off the couch:

From the time you get home ‘til the time you go to bed, instead of sitting in front of the TV all the time Be productive for a change, do something rewarding !

VII  To fulfill graduation requirements.

Maybe you need to volunteer for 50 hours in order to graduate. Awesome! Get out there and volunteer your time (and who knows, maybe you’ll do extra hours because it’s so awesome!)

IX   Feel good about yourself!.

Know that, after volunteering, you did something great. Really great. Be proud of yourself.

II To have fun!

Volunteer doing something you love, and it will be amazing!

IV  To explore career possibilities.

Maybe you’re heading to (or are already in) college or the ‘work world’. By volunteering at your local hospital or bank you can find out if you’re interested in specializing into the field. Experience is key!

VI  Learn some new skills & add them to your resume!

You can learn a ton from volunteering, and what a great way to add stuff to your resume for future jobs or college applications!

VIII  Make someone else’s day.

Your extra little effort to help someone or some organization out can make a world of a difference to them.

X   It’s time to DO SOMETHING!

Apathy is boring. No matter what your reason is we want to help you and after you’re done come back & add your volunteer experience to the Youth Volunteer Service (YVS) online section.