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Youth Workshops

CDP Aims To Guide The Teenagers

In view of the challenges faced by adolescence the CDP has designed a training program with the aim to guide the teenagers through this challenging phase of life in light of the social and cultural norms. At the end of the training program it is anticipated the teens will gain insight into common problems faced at this stage of life and learn ways to manage these issues appropriately to avoid long term difficulties.

Training With Youth

This training consists of six (2 hour long) group sessions of adolescents aged 13-16. The group sessions will focus on common difficulties faced by teens, including personal physical and mood changes, relationship issues, drugs and alcohol, role of media, self-esteem/ confidence building and career guidance.

Self-esteem and confidence building

  • » Enhancing confidence and self-esteem
  • » Communication skills & assertive training

Physical and mood changes

  • » Understanding physical and mood changes.
  • » Coping with changes for teens.
  • » Needs Vs social/religious norms.

Relationship issues

  • » Family Vs Friends
  • » Attraction towards opposite gender
  • » Needs Vs social/religious norms

Media and its effects

  • » Hidden messages in media
  • » Effects on brain development & behavior

Stress and coping

  • » Teen stressor
  • » Exam anxiety
  • » Coping and relaxation
  • » When & where to seek help

Career guidance

  • » Recognition of individual telnet areas.
  • » Identification of career path based on talent

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