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Emotional Well-being

CADP now also facilitates the tweens who are in their puberty and going through many emotional and social changes.

We arrange Yoga and expressive arts sessions that combine aromatherapy/ meditation and art therapy techniques to help young girls relax & Apply stress-relieving techniques to improve concentration and gain confidence. Workshops for self-care, self-defense, and first aid are also offered for teens to have awareness and prepare them to face life challenges.

Anger Management

Teaching teens and tweens basic feelings and emotions. Helping adolescences learn anger is a basic emotion needing expression. Our courses use trendy and effective art therapy techniques teaching teens to express and release anger and frustration using healthy expressive strategies and ways of improving emotional bonds with loved ones.


We have introduced robotics, science with fun, Scratch, language skills development and mechatronics classes for teenagers and simple decoding and coding to provide exposure of latest technologies n upcoming fields.

The reason for the above programs is to make teens aware of their own self-image, self-love, and self-respect. Gaining insight into one’s personal talents and achievement. Reflecting on one’s proud moments.