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Mothers Sessions

CADP facilitates mothers of our country from north to south in Pakistan to bring up mentally and cognitively well developed children by arranging many courses & workshops at homes and community centres. Sessions includes child development, health and hygiene, spiritual enrichment and awareness of emotional development through really interesting art integrated activities to cater to mothers of all academic levels.

Training Centre

CADP conducts training programs for professionals, students and teachers organizing Child Psychology course and workshops at various academic institutions all over the country. Workshops includes (child development, Art therapy, Learning Difficulties, Teen Science, Mental Health, Emotional Development and many topics related to psychology)
CADP has conducted
– Bahria Institute of Psychology
– Karachi University
– Szabist University
– Teacher Resource Center
– The Knowledge City
– Pakistan Montessori Association.
– Fatimyah Education Network
– Greenisland Foundation

Community Schools

Community schools all over Pakistan are affiliated from CADP in terms of teacher training, awareness for parents and issues faced by children. We work with these schools to help teachers identify red flags in children facing behavioural, emotional and learning issues, we also set up mindfulness agendas at school to help parents understand problems their faces by children.
Partner schools Meezan Academy, Green Island Foundation School, Five Star School, Al Murtaza School, Fatimiyah School, Al-Hadi School, The Learning House, Khadija tul Kubra Academy, Street to School, Vali Asar, Uswa Public School (Islamabad and GB) and Kauther College Islamabad.

Care Homes

In collaboration with an international institute of trauma and grief management ‘’WACIT’’ (World Awareness for Children in Trauma) CADP provide support service to Care Homes in Karachi, Islamabad and Skardu Baltistan. We train carer and teachers to manage children at care homes and help them cope in the environment.
To assist our groups of care takers Professor Panos Vostanis Child Psychiatrist from United Kingdom visits Pakistan annually guiding our team and helps the children to explore their inner talents, skills and abilities through very interesting and interactive sessions.

CADP is working with Batool Homes, Anwar ul Huda & Sughra Homes (skardu Baltistan), helping children to heal from the grief and trauma of parental loss and environmental changes.