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Seasons Round The World

We conduct various social, recreational and edutainment activities for kids including storytelling, art n craft, pottery, seasonal fun camps and physical awareness and self care for children in all four seasons of the year.

The purpose of the above activities is to give children a platform to socialize, learn and enjoy in a safe and educational environment and can learn to accept every kind of human of the society.

Stories From Quran

Children are told stories of prophets to motivate them towards learning of Quran to make it more interesting and fun art activities are integrated with craft ideas.

The purpose is to narrate the prophet stories from Quran gaining spirituality and blessing.

Social Skills Club

Kids Social skill club is designed for children, where we play fun games in pairs and small groups. The conversations and competitions are designed to develop confidence through art and craft, games involve social, educational and life skills through play.

The purpose of these classes is to develop confidence, social interaction and emotions in children who are shy or a single child at home. The club is designed to strengthen social development.

Crafty Club

Using low cost recycled material children learn to create new and useful things these activities are conducted regularly with different themes and specific events.

The idea is to integrate all subjects and learning in an inclusive environment to make children learn the acceptance of children with special need and no material is a waste. These activities build a healthy society and flourish children imagination and quality of thinking out of box.

Quran & Astronomy

This unique course helps children learn about the wonderful creation of universe as mentioned in Holy Quran. Discussion on formation of Day and Night by Earth’s Rotation around its Axis and formation of Seasons by Earth’s Revolution around the sun, Formation of constellation, the sun ☀️, the differences between the two calendars.

Kids discussed about Solar Calendar and the distribution of the four seasons between the twelve months

Enlighten Your Soul

Model making:

Inter community school programs are regularly organised under the umbrella of CADP to create different 3D models on various Islamic themes.


Exclusive as inclusive milads are arranged by CADP at varies occasions to motivate all types of children and help them to groom their spiritual, linguistic and social skills.

Blessing Birthday Bouquets:

Every year we celebrate the birthday of religious personalities in our crafty way by discussing the personality and their efforts to spread the voice of Allah and create beautiful bouquets with different ideas.

Karbala Project

CADP arranges a week-long walk-in module display sharing the story of Karbala. Special activities including shadow puppet – quiz and hands-on games are prepared for school children and adults to help them get insight into the events of Karbala.

Field Trip

CADP arranges field trips for children and teens to help them explore the outer world in a secure, healthy and educated environment. Trips include a visit to the zoo, beach awareness sessions, city tour, food tours and a visit to the heritage of the country. CADP also arranges trips all over the Pakistan for volunteers to learn, understand and serve the community with their skills.

The purpose of the above trips is to help children experience the real society, our culture, and survival of people living in areas with very few facilities and suffering to earn quality life. That also motivates them volunteer and give back to the upcoming generation so that our society could flourish better.